4 pk of Red (2) & Green Belly (2) – 9.99 per Bottle (FREE US SHIPPING)


Breakfast, lunch, dinner – even snacks, are all enhanced with some Green Belly Foods flavor!

Mix it with your favorite food, Green Belly Foods Hot Sauce’s are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and organic. May it inspire you to cook new foods that engage your taste buds in new ways!



A mix of 2 Green Belly and 2 Red Belly Hot Sauces

Green Belly is inspired by my mother’s traditional home-made hot sauce recipe. It is a simple and delicious “herbaceous” sauce, that is a pleasure to have in every meal. We hand select the finest organic ingredients to bring you the freshness of her Guatemalan garden. The sauce is distinct in flavor, yet simple and not over-powering. It’s crisp and spicy flavors highlight your meal!

Red Belly’s unique smoky flavor stems from the Cobanero pepper.This dark red and wrinkly pepper comes from the cloud forests of Guatemala where Mayan communities have been harvesting and smoking peppers for millenia! We have paired the fiery Cobanero with fire roasted tomatoes and garlic to give the sauce a fresh body packed with flavor!

¡Buen provecho!


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